Welcome to The Parlor Room

The Parlor Room is an enchanting & romantic space, narrating a story that combines an appreciation of history with bold style and vibrant design. The beginning of a new adventure where experimentation is the rule and dreaming is a must.

The traditional parlor room has been around since the Victorian age of the 19th century and originated as a room that women would retreat to after a meal to converse with others on various topics. In the simplest terms, the parlor was a place meant to foster conversation; it’s name is derived from the French verb parler, to speak.

Our goal is to cultivate an environment that is both welcoming & whimsical, and encourages women to tap into their creativity and explore their personal style. After all, our vision for The Parlor Room traces back to it’s roots: a place that gets people talking.

As a clothing store, we recognize the opportunity to minimize our impact on the environment, as we are part of an industry that is based around consumption. We are always seeking ways to be sustainably minded and forward thinking by choosing to work with clothing brands that are circular, regenerative and renewable. From the packaging that each brand uses to the textiles they select and processes they use, we carefully curate our clothing selections based on style, function, quality & longevity. Many of the brands we work with describe their process as “crafted the slow way,” as they partner with craft makers in rural areas to hand print, dye, weave, and spin fabrics that are nearly impossible to replicate by machine.